Prayers of Declaration and Alignment with Holy Spirit

I bless my spirit, and I tell my spirit to line up under Holy Spirit.

I bless my soul, and tell my soul to line up under spirit.

I bless my body, and tell my body to line up under soul.

Now each part of me is joined and aligned under You, Holy Spirit.

I declare & decree in Jesus' name:  the Holy Spirit is filling & creating life-giving power within me. My emotions and my flesh are being renewed and my mind is being rewired for joy and well-being. Anything in my body or soul that is destructive is being overtaken by the Spirit of Life.

Lord, I pray for divine order in my life.

Lord, come and perfectly align and order my life.

Lord, I will build my life with whoever You bring to me, and whoever You take away from me I will consider it Your divine will.

Lord, divinely order my friendships, bring those friends that will sharpen me like iron, and take friends out of my path that may not be best for me.

Lord, divinely order my finances. Show me where to give my money, when to sow and when to store.

Lord, divinely order my living arrangements, my ministry assignments, my daily occupation and where and how I invest of my time.

Lord, Your plan for my life is perfect and I want to get out of the way and allow You to lead me. Let Your will be my will.


Father, I submit to you my spirit, soul, and body and put them under your authority.

I pray my spirit, soul and body will stay in perfect alignment with you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
 so that your complete work may be accomplished in my whole being.

Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and I say to my spirit,
“Get in line with the Holy Spirit and be led by Him today.”

Breaking Soul Ties

By the authority that Jesus gives me, I sever and break (clap) all soul ties formed between me and ______ .  Today I say that this tie is cut and cannot be reattached.  I send back to ______ all that is theirs, all that is good, washed in the blood of Jesus, and I take back to myself, all that is mine, all that is good, washed in the blood of Jesus.

With something bigger than a person, I would add something like:
By the authority that Jesus gives me, I tell all lies and ungodly spirits associated with this soul tie to leave me now, immediately, permanently, and completely, in Jesus’ name.

Cleansing Prayers

Thank You Father for this time together.  In the name of Jesus, I declare that there will be no retaliation against us, our families, or any extension of us.  Holy Spirit, come and brush off any residue from this session.  There will be no ungodly spiritual clingons from this session attached to any of us, our family members, or possessions.  In the name of Jesus, I tell anything from the kingdom of darkness hanging around, to leave this room and building now, and go report to the feet of Jesus. We accept only blessings from our Heavenly Father for our donation of time to this ministry.

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