Generational Deliverance

If you are struggling with patterns or cycles of sin or trouble that you’ve confessed but have not been able to break, there probably is a generational link to these feelings and behaviors that needs to be broken.


1.    Mental or emotional breakdown--Bipolar, depression, Dementia

2.    Repeated or chronic sickness

3.    Barrenness (in any area of life); female reproduction issues; tendency to miscarry

4.    Breakdown of marriage or family alienation

5.    Continuing financial insufficiency

6.    Being accident prone

7.    A history of suicides or untimely/early deaths

8.    Abuse and mistreatment from others

9.    Vagabondism/wandering lifestyle

10.  Family addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, etc.)

11.  Repeated generational rejection of the Gospel

Here is a simple but powerful prayer that can start you on the path to freedom:

By the authority that Jesus gives me, I repent on behalf of myself and my entire family line for partnering with _____________(list everything that Jesus brings to mind that is destructive or a lack).

I forgive myself for partnering with these generational ties and for anyway I hurt myself or others through these agreements.

I forgive my family members and ancestors for any way that they partnered with these agreements and for how their choices hurt me and the ones I love.

By the authority that Jesus gives me, I sever and break (clap loudly) all these generational ties off of myself and off of my family line. Today I declare that they are cut and severed and cannot be reconnected or reinstated in any shape or form.

Jesus I invite You to wash my family line clean with Your Blood and make us whole.

Jesus I invite You to place Your cross between me and all of these agreements.

Jesus I invite You to place Your cross between my family and these agreements.

Jesus I invite You to place Your cross between my children and these agreements.

Jesus I invite You to place Your cross between these agreements and all future generations.

Jesus I invite You to uproot anything that has been planted and has grown in myself and in my family from these agreements.

Jesus I invite You to replace these agreements with Your seeds of Truth and Promise.

I’m declaring restoration back to me and my family line!

I’m calling in redemption of all giftings, blessings, destinies, promises, and authority back to us.

I declare sevenfold payback of all that was stolen, In Jesus’ Name.

Jesus, what are our Godly, Kingdom inheritances? (write these down)

     *Receive a replacement for each thing you broke off

     *You can separate out the giftings, blessings, destinies, etc when asking what Jesus has planned for you and your family

Once you have received Jesus’ replacements, declare them over yourself and your family.

I declare that my family partners with ________ and is a family who ________.

In addition, I bind these blessings of ___________ to myself and each member of my family, now and in the future. 

Jesus, what banner do you fly over our family?

Thank you Jesus for revealing Your Kingdom inheritance to us!


Taken from pages 166-168 of Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit, Copyright © 2002 by John Paul Jackson; ISBN 1-58483-049-2

Cleansing Prayer

Heavenly Father, I need Your Holy Spirit to help me not think and live according to my old ways. I place my childhood fears and bloodline curses behind me and I cancel them, in Jesus’ name. By faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I choose not to be enslaved to them any longer!
Today, I lay aside my fear of facing the pain from past friendships, romances, lovers, and relatives. I renounce the spirits of pride, bitterness, lying, self-exaltation, rebellion, witchcraft, and the occult. I choose to not walk in these any longer. When I am tested by these deceiving spirits, I choose to respond in godliness, righteousness and authority. Father, I thank you for removing any mental strongholds and for helping me to think and see clearly.
I choose not to listen to other spiritual voices. Instead, I choose to listen to Your voice. From this time forth, I will not trust in lying spirits nor the spirits who claim to offer me protection from evil. I close every door to Satan. I will not seek a false defense to shield myself from wrong, exploitation, or harm. I look to You, Lord Jesus, and place my trust in You to protect me from the harm of well-meaning people and from demonic spirits. Jesus, I choose You to be my Savior and Holy Spirit, I choose You to be my Defense.
Father, according to Your word in 1 John 1:9 it says, If we confess our sins, You are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So I confess that I have not loved rightly. I have resented others. I confess and renounce my sin, known and unknown. I now recognize my sin and confess it before you. With godly sorrow and repentance in my heart, I ask You Father, to deliver me from the snare of the fowler and set me totally free. Your truth is a shield to me and under Your wings, I seek refuge. By faith in your word, I now receive and take hold of your forgiveness and cleansing. Also Father, by the blood of Your Son, Jesus, I forgive myself as You have forgiven me.
Lord Jesus, I claim Your promise in Psalm 91:14-15: Because I have set my love upon You, You will deliver me. You will set me on high because I have known Your Name. I will call upon You, and You will answer me. You will be with me in trouble. You will deliver me and honor me.
Father, I give You thanks and praise and I believe it is done, in Jesus’ name, Amen!